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LED daytime running lights for cars
Model No.: descriptions for LED daytime running lights


1.Car LED Day Light is a kind of new-style green product for automotive, with RDW Emark-4 certificate. No pollution, no noises, no electronic interferer. We adopt advanced constant-current controlling technology, so our product can be light equably with full color. Our product is greatly popular with our customers for equal price, high quality, good service.


1. Specification:

1).Whole kits Consist:

    Two LED bulbs boards (Left one and right one)/set, wiring, one paper gift box, user manual

2). Lamp Consist:

Electronic circuit board, viewfinder, wiring, lamp hull and housing;

3). Electronic circuit board:

8pcs high-power LEDs and Controlling gear


2.Major Technology Parameters:

    Rated Working voltage: DC 12V

    Rated Working current: DC 1.12A

    Rated Power consumption:13.44W

    Limb darkening current: DC 0.66A

    Limb darkening Power consumption: 7.92W


3.Maximum Technology Parameters:

1). Maximum working voltage: DC 24V, 1 minute only;

2).Over working voltage: DC 18V, 1 hour only;

3).Continuously working time 24hours: maximum current range≤±2mA

4).Maximum surface temperature:60Extraventricular temperature:20


4. LED bulb technology parameters:

1).Bulb Color temperature range: 6,000K-6,700K

2).Power: 1Weach LED bulb

3).Rated working current:300 mA

4).Current stablilty≤±2 mA (in 24 hours)

5).Brightness is between 70 to 90 LM


5. Electronic Protection:

1). High-Voltage Protection:

The control system will stop working automatically to protect the control module from damage when the power voltage is higher than 15.5V, then LED light only works by the outer power directly;

2). Low-Voltage Protection:

The LED light will shut off to protect the system once the voltage is lower than 9v;

3). Lose-Frequency Protection:

The LED light shut off once the control frequency is abnormal to protect the control module and LED light.

4).Wrong-Connection Protection:

It is no harmful to circuit when the three cables of LED were connected incorrectly. The LED light is off when connection is wrong, it will be on when connection is right. The three cables of LED light are VBB, Vss and VC respectively.

6. Other characters:

1). Anti-Vibration:

The Anti-vibration character of the LED DRL is accord with the requirements of the automotive relevant technical specifications.

2). Waterproof and corrosion-resistance:

The waterproof and corrosion-resistance of the LED DRL is accord with the requirements of the automotive relevant technical specifications.

3). Appearance:

The appearance of the LED DRL hasn’t obvious depression, rip, deformation. And it has clean and smooth surface without burr, light scratches, dirt, bubble, such as no more than 3 pcs. There are not obvious cumulate glue imprints and white granules inside the light housing and viewfinder.


The whole kits should include left LED light and right LED light, one cable assembly, two metal hasps for installing. All parts are placed into three inside small boxes with a manual installation.

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